Image credit: Jim/Wikimedia, Creative Commons license
Image credit: Jim/Wikimedia, Creative Commons license

Tomorrow I expect to sit with my extended family at my sister’s house and consume copious quantities of yummy food. After that, my and her kids will destroy her house in cute ways that will delight the grandparents. Good times.

That in itself is a reason for gratitude. Given the fact that most humans who have ever lived spent every winter nearly starving to death, the abundance of food and material comfort at our disposal is nothing short of miraculous. And the fact that we’re all healthy enough to get together to celebrate is a true blessing.

But I would be remiss if I headed off to celebrate without thanking you.

To my readers: I’m grateful for all your feedback, for pointing me to interesting stories, and for forwarding my posts on social media. It’s largely because of you that my posts have appeared on KevinMD, American College of Physicians Internist blog, The Jewish Journal, and other publications. I know my blogging has been very intermittent this year. Patient care will always come first, but I promise to keep trying to inform you.

To my patients: I’m so thankful to you for the trust you place in me. Some of you have had serious illnesses this year and it’s been an honor and a privilege to guide you through such trying times. It’s a blessing to simply make a living, but I have the double blessing of getting paid to do what I love. I owe that to all of you. And because so many of you mentioned me to your colleagues and loved ones, this year is my best so far. Thank you very much. I promise to do my best to keep you healthy.

As is my tradition, I hereby lift my patients’ dietary restrictions for one day. Of course, I can’t suspend the laws of biology. If you take your dietary indiscretion too far, I’ll probably hear about it from your local emergency department. I hope you are able to gather with loved ones and energetically attempt to enumerate your countless blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving!