Is this a concierge medical practice?

Yes. Many different names have been used to describe practices with a smaller number of patients that allow each patient personalized attention and same-day availability. “Direct primary care”, “concierge medicine” and “retainer-based medicine” have all been used to describe such practices.
Dr. Fuchs thinks that once it becomes standard, it will just be called medicine.

Why a doctor of internal medicine?

Board-certified in the field of internal medicine, Dr. Fuchs specializes in caring for adults. In contrast to general practitioners and physicians in family practice — both of whom treat patients of all ages — an internist focuses specifically on adult health issues. As the physician responsible for overseeing his patients’ total care, he acts as the “quarterback,” collaborating with — and making referrals to — a wide network of specialists to address your broader health issues.

What does the FACP after Dr. Fuchs’s name mean?

FACP means that Dr. Fuchs was elected to be a Fellow of the American College of Physicians. The American College of Physicians is the largest society of internists in the world. Being elected Fellow demonstrates that Dr. Fuchs was recognized by other internists for excellence and skill in medical practice and teaching, and that he demonstrated continuing scholarship and professional accomplishments.

Why the annual fee?

In order to offer the highest level of personalized care and access possible, Dr. Fuchs limits the number of patients in his practice. The annual retainer ensures that he will be available to his patients whenever they need him, whether for an office visit, a hospitalization, a phone call or e-mail. The fixed fee also ensures that your medical costs for primary care will be completely predictable.

How much is the annual fee?

The cost of medical services from Dr. Fuchs is $9,800 per year or $860 per month. However, for homebound patients who require home visits the fee is higher.

Will I have to wait weeks to get an appointment?

No. Dr. Fuchs guarantees same-day appointments and no waiting.

What about tests and procedures at your office? Is there an extra fee?

Any services Dr. Fuchs or his staff provides in the office—such as vaccinations and EKGs—are included in the annual retainer. Lab tests drawn in his office are sent to Cedars-Sinai Laboratory or Quest Diagnostic Laboratory and billed under their agreement with your insurer.

Does this mean I don’t need insurance?

You will still need insurance to cover potential expenses like hospital bills, treatment by other physicians and diagnostic tests. The annual fee is specifically for Dr. Fuchs’s care.

If I’m hospitalized, will you charge extra for your hospital visits?

No. The annual fee covers all the visits, whether in the office or hospital.

Will I be able to reach Dr. Fuchs with questions and concerns?

Absolutely. Patients are given Dr. Fuchs’s direct cell-phone number and may call at any time whatsoever. In the rare instances when he doesn’t answer immediately—such as when he is with a patient—he will return the call promptly.