To maintain his high level of personal care, Dr. Fuchs charges each patient an annual fee. This retainer—substantial but within reach of a wide range of patients—covers all office visits and hospital visits and any service Dr. Fuchs provides.

When you enroll in the practice, you are assured of:

Immediate Access

  • Guaranteed same-day appointments
  • Virtually no waiting during office visits
  • Immediate, direct physician access by cell phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Personalized attention

  • Unhurried office visits with plenty of time to answer your questions
  • Limited practice size

Predictable cost

  • All-inclusive annual fee covers all services
  • Validated valet parking

Quality care supported by electronic medical records

  • Automatic checking of drug interactions and allergies
  • Medical information is legible, secure and private
  • Off-site access makes important information available anytime

Coordination of care

  • Dr. Fuchs personally consults and collaborates with the specialists you are seeing
  • When you need an appointment with a sub-specialist or for diagnostic testing, his office staff can make the arrangements for you