I know I just wrote about the common cold two weeks ago, but I don’t make the news, I just report it.

This week the news is about zinc.  A study in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases reviewed all the studies in the medical literature on the efficacy of zinc for the common cold.  The study attracted some coverage in the general press including this article in Fox News.  The review simply found that the majority of studies were too small or too poor in quality to draw a definitive conclusion.  So even though most of the lay press headlines are suggesting that zinc isn’t effective in colds, a more honest conclusion is that we don’t know yet.  In the authors’ own words:

This structured review suggests that the therapeutic effectiveness of zinc lozenges has yet to be established.

Tangential Miscellany:

Our receptionist, Jennifer, will be leaving us to enroll in nursing school and pursue her dream of a career in nursing.  We wish her much success.  We are excited that our new receptionist, Jaymes, comes wonderfully recommended by physicians we know and respect.  He has many years of experience listening to, advocating for, and helping patients.  Please help us welcome him, and go easy on him the first couple of weeks!