For the last couple of years I’ve made a commitment to donate blood every month or two at Cedars-Sinai.  Though I must admit the first few times I was scared by the whole experience, I almost look forward to it now.  The nurses treat the regulars like old friends, and the donors are treated to a mandatory break from their busy lives.  Since we can’t be productive, we listen to music, or watch TV, or pick a movie from their eclectic selection.  (Oddly enough, I’ve found that gory horror movies are my favorite when I’m donating.  Nothing distracts me more effectively from the fact that I’m being bled than a good vampire movie!)

I was donating last week when a nurse told me that their blood supply has been very low.  Several of the Metrolink crash survivors are at Cedars-Sinai and have used a lot of blood products.  That’s when I realized that it’s been two years since I last begged all of you to donate.

So please contact the Cedars-Sinai Blood Donor Facility and schedule an appointment to donate a little bag of liquid life.  If donating at Cedars is inconvenient, go to the Red Cross blood donation website and find a donation center near you.  You’ll be rewarded with juice and cookies and the best feeling you’ve had in a while.

Someone you’ll never meet is counting on it.