I’m sorry to write about the same topic on two consecutive weeks, but this really deserves the attention.  Last week I wrote about how we’re still not past the peak of this flu season and how the flu shot this year has been less effective, and I linked to a few authoritative web sites that I thought would be useful.

This week, allow me some personal observations.

This year’s flu is hellish.  I’ve had young healthy patients who’ve been in bed for two weeks with it.  The important thing to know for those of you who don’t have it (yet) is that there is an antiviral medicine, Tamiflu, which shortens the duration of the flu if it’s started in the first 48 hours of symptoms.  So if you develop a high fever, aches, and a cough call your doctor that day.  I’ve seen several people who had already been ill for a week, and didn’t call sooner because they were sure they were about to improve.  I had nothing to offer them but medicines for their symptoms and sympathy.  This isn’t the year to postpone getting attention for the flu.

Next week, I promise to educate you about something else.

Tangential Miscellany:

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