I’m grateful to all the readers of my weekly posts for all the stories you’ve pointed me to and all your valuable feedback.  Thanks for reading.

I’m grateful to my partners Dr. Rubencio Quintana and Dr. Dorothy Lowe for making our office a happy and intellectually stimulating place to work.

I’m grateful to Jaymes, Nancy and Jill for helping us take great care of our patients.  I couldn’t dream of a better support staff.

I’m grateful to my parents for bringing me to the US, where we are judged by our destinations, not by our origins.

I’m grateful to my wife for raising our kids, taking care of me, and working much harder than I do.

I’m grateful to my patients for letting me support my family by doing what I love (and in last year’s economy, I’m doubly grateful).

As is my tradition, I waive all of my patients’ dietary restrictions for 24 hours.  Count blessings, not calories.  Happy Thanksgiving!