Last Saturday’s business section of the Los Angeles Times featured an article by James Gilden that discusses the benefits of concierge medicine for frequent travelers.  It tells the very dramatic story of one of my patients, Mr. Andrew Gitkin, who found himself unexpectedly in need of help while abroad.  When you have a chance, please take a few minutes and read the article.

While Mr. Gitkin’s story may be the most spectacular, I receive calls all the time from my patients while they are out of town.  Issues as mundane as forgetting to pack a prescription medication or as scary as an acute illness happen unexpectedly.  Being able to immediately reach a physician who knows you, regardless of the time difference or the day of the week, can help restore peace of mind in a frightening situation.

I appreciate Mr. Gilden highlighting my practice, and I am indebted to Mr. Gitkin for agreeing to tell his harrowing story.